Afinlandia Award 2023 to Helmi Marttila

AFinLA (Association Finlandaise de Linguistique Appliquée) awards the Afinlandia prize annually for a distinguished Master’s thesis and every three years for a Doctoral dissertation. In 2023, the Afinlandia Prize was awarded in the Master’s thesis category. Several thesis of outstanding quality were nominated from multiple areas of applied linguistics and numerous Finnish universities. The awardees were announced on 10.11. during the conference dinner organized in conjunction with the AFinLA -symposium.

This year, the awardee in the Master’s thesis series is:

Helmi Marttila (Tampere University) for her thesis titled: Rephrases for digital accessibility – University academic staff rewording solutions for intralingual subtitles.

The awarded study investigates what kind of linguistic reformatting occurs in the target language subtitles of video materials produced by academic staff at the University of Tampere, what factors explain the reformatting and how the reformatting produced relates to the official quality recommendations for program subtitles. The study addresses a topical and socially relevant issue by examining how the digital accessibility legislation is implemented in practice by non-linguists. The work gives a sense of the extent to which subtitles produced by lay subtitlers comply with the quality recommendations for program subtitling and the requirements of the legislation. Marttila’s study has direct applicable value because it was commissioned in cooperation with the health and welfare company Sivupersoona Oy.

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