Research Networks

The aim of the research networks is to strengthen and enhance national and international cooperation within applied linguistics. The research networks bring together researchers, students and teachers from different perspectives and special fields of applied linguistics.

The research networks operate on behalf of and under the auspices of AFinLA. To become a member of a research network, you need simply inform the research network coordinator of your willingness to participate. The members of a research network must also be members of AFinLA. You can join AFinLA by paying the membership fee.

Upon application, AFinLA may pay some of the expenses of its research networks, for example, lecture fees and travel expenses of visiting experts, travel expenses of the coordinators of research networks, as well as the rent of the event venue. The coordinator of the research network must apply for this grant by email by the end of January of the year concerned. Informal applications stating the detailed expenses of the occasion and the purpose of the grant should be addressed to the AFinLA executive board. The board will decide on granting financial support as well as the maximum amount of the grant. The financial transactions of events organised by the research network will be handled through the AFinLA bank account up to the maximum amount allocated in the grant. The means of transport must be the cheapest available; per diem allowance will not be paid. The association can also apply for a grant from The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies if the research network organises a national seminar open to non-members and invites speakers from abroad.

Active research networks:

  1. Dialogical, Sociocultural and Ecological Approaches to Language Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (DISEA)
  2. Assessment
  3. Learning and Teaching through a Foreign or Second Language
  4. Speech and Spoken Language Research
  5. Language in the workplace
  6. AFinLA history
  7. Digital Discourse and Interaction

If you want to start a research network, please see the rules on research networks.