Speech and Spoken Language Research


Minnaleena Toivola
Digital Humanities
University of Helsinki

Pekka Lintunen, senior lecturer
School of Languages and Translation Studies
University of Turku

Leena Maria Heikkola
Åbo Akademi


The Speech and Spoken Language research network is meant for researchers in applied linguistics who are interested in speech, oral language skills (speech production and perception), prosody, phonetics, pronunciation and other fields of spoken language. The aim of the research network is to provide networking opportunities and discussion on current issues between researchers of different languages and perspectives and to develop applied linguistics cooperation with teachers and other partners. Activities are decided on annually in a meeting at the AFinLA Autumn Symposium. To join, please contact one of the coordinators by email and become a member of AFinLA.

The first seminar of the research network was held in April 2015 at the University of Jyväskylä. It included presentations on newly begun and already completed oral language skills projects. In addition, the programme included an international plenary and a panel discussion where new international trends and ideas for future research were introduced. The day finished with a workshop in which practical issues affecting research projects were tackled.

The research network was also introduced at the Finnish Conference of Linguistics in Vaasa and at the Futuuri! Seminar on Future Language Education in 2015 in Jyväskylä.