Afinlandia-award 2019 call for nominations

The Finnish Association for Applied Linguistics, AFinLA is inviting nominations for the Afinlandia Award 2019 in the Master’s thesis series and in the doctoral thesis series. The awards are presented for theses written in Finland within the field of applied linguistics. We now wish to invite colleagues active in the field of applied linguistics to nominate highly qualified theses for the prizes.

We welcome nominations for the MA series of pro gradu theses completed in institutions of higher education in Finland between August 2018 and July 2019. Last year, the Afinlandia Award in the MA series was presented to Sini Souru (University of Tampere, Degree Programme in Scandinavian Languages) for her thesis “Att lära sig svenska eller att bli undervisad i språket? Sjätteklassares och lärares uppfattningar om aktörskap i svenskinlärningen”. (Please see the press release.)

The Afinlandia Award in the  PhD series is awarded every three years. We now welcome nominations of PhD theses accepted in Finland between August 2016 and July 2019. In 2016, the award was presented to Heini Lehtonen (University of Helsinki, Finnish Language) for her thesis “Tyylitellen: Nuorten kielelliset resurssit ja kielen sosiaalinen indeksisyys monietnisessä Helsingissä”. (Press release (in Finnish)). 

Please find further information about previous award winners here:

AFinLA is now accepting nominations of high standard theses from all fields of applied linguistics (e.g., language learning, language teaching, language assessment,translation and interpretation, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse studies) completed in institutions of higher education in Finland. In the MA series, the prize amounts to 300 euros. With this symbolic sum, AFinLA wishes to award and encourage candidates to pursue further studies within the field of applied linguistics. In the PhD series, the prize amounts to 500 euros. In both series, the winning thesis is well written with a solid and sound theoretical and methodological approach, and is, for instance,

* socially relevant

* current

* innovative

* explores new fields of research. 

We ask you to send nominations by e-mail with the following attachments (original or scanned) as aPDFs:

(1) the abstract of the thesis 

(2) the statement/s of the thesis 

(3) a letter of support outlining why the work deserves to be awarded. 

Please name the appendices in the following way in the MA series: 




In the PhD series, please name the appendices in the following way: 




Please also provide in the email the title of the thesis name and contacts to the writer and when applicable, the web address to the thesis.  We will ask for a printed or e-version of the full thesis if needed.

The deadline for the receipt of nominations is Friday September 6th, 2019. 

Please send your nominations to:      .

The Executive Board of AFinLA r.f. selects the winning theses and announces the winners at the AFinLA Autumn Symposium, this year to be held in Oulu in November 15th-16th. The Award winners will be invited to briefly present their work during the ceremony. 

We are looking forward to receiving many nominations!