Afinlandia award 2022: Call for nominations

The Finnish Association for Applied Linguistics, AFinLA, is inviting nominations for the Afinlandia Award 2022 in the Master’s thesis series and the doctoral thesis series. The awards are presented for theses written in Finland within the field of applied linguistics. We now wish to invite colleagues active in the field of applied linguistics to nominate highly qualified theses for the prize.

We welcome nominations of pro gradu theses completed in institutions of higher education in Finland between August 2021 and July 2022 and for doctoral theses completed between August 2019 and July 2022. Last year, the Afinlandia Award in the MA series was presented to Anni Hintikka (University of Turku) for her thesis “La reconnaissance des mots cognats anglais-français chez les apprenants finnophones: Le rôle de la similarité phonologique”. In addition to the Afinlandia award presented, AFinLA recognized the following two Master’s theses with an honorable mention: Mikko Kukkonen (Univeristy of Turku): ”La durabilité en vogue?: La construction du discours de mode durable dans Le Monde, Le Figaro et Le Parisien” and Matleena Tölli (University of Eastern Finland): ”Puhemies vai puheenjohtaja? Puheenjohtaja-nimikkeen käyttö eduskunnan puhemiehestä täysistunnoissa vuosina 2000–2019 ja kansanedustajien mielipiteet nimikkeestä”.

The Afinlandia-award for a doctoral thesis was last presented in 2019. The award was given to Maiju Strömmer (University of Jyväskylä) for her thesis: ”Mahdollisuuksien rajoissa: Neksusanalyysi suomen kielen oppimisesta siivoustyössä.”

Please find further information about previous award winners here:

AFinLA is now accepting nominations of high standard theses from all fields of applied linguistics (e.g., language learning, language teaching, language assessment, translation and interpretation, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse studies) completed in institutions of higher education in Finland. The prize amounts to 300 euros for the master’s thesis and 500 euros for the doctor’s thesis. Winning theses are well written with solid and sound theoretical and methodological approaches, and are, for instance,

  • socially relevant
  • current
  • innovative
  • explores new fields of research.

We ask you to send nominations by e-mail with the following attachments (original or scanned) as a PDF:

(1) filled proposal form

(2) the statement/s of the thesis.

Please name the appendices in the following way:

For Master’s thesis



For doctoral thesis

lastnameofauthor_firstname_VK22_proposal and


The Executive Board of AFinLA r.f. selects the winning theses and announces the winners at the AFinLA Autumn Symposium, this year to be held in 27.-29.10.2022 in Helsinki. The Award winners will be invited to briefly present their work during the ceremony. For more information about the symposium, please visit:

The deadline for the receipt of nominations is Friday September 2nd, 2022.

Please send your nominations to:


We are looking forward to receiving many nominations!