Ari Huhta, professor
Centre for Applied Language Studies
University of Jyväskylä

Mirja Tarnanen, professor
Department of Teacher Education
University of Jyväskylä

Raili Hildén, adjunct professor, senior lecturer
Department of Teacher Education
University of Helsinki


Internationally, language skills assessment is reasonably young both as a discipline and as a systematic practice, but in some areas and in some questions this activity is already off to a good start in Finland. The research network aims to promote the principles and practices of professional and ethical language assessment on all levels of education and for all purposes in Finland. The more assessment takes into account the views of the parties involved, the more suitable it is for its purpose and the more it is scientifically justifiable, the more ethical it will be. The research network also seeks to increase the assessment awareness of the general public and of everyone utilising assessment results. In terms of its objectives, the research network shares the aims and principles of international language assessment organisations such as ILTA and ELTA.

The most recent publication edited by the research network is Assessment for supporting language learning (Eds. Toni Mäkipää, Raili Hildén & Ari Huhta). AFinLA-teema No. 15 can be found here: