Research Network on Language in the workplace


Tiina Räisänen
Oulun yliopisto

Mikko T. Virtanen
Helsingin yliopisto

Previous coordinators:
• Riikka Nissi & Suvi Honkanen (2016‒2017)
• Piia Mikkola & Ulla Tiililä (2018‒2019)
• Elina Salomaa & Riitta Suominen (2020‒2022)


The research network aims at bringing together researchers, teachers, students and other professionals in the field, who are interested in the use of language in the workplace. The network investigates how people interact and produce texts at work. It also examines how these ways of using language are related to work and accomplishing different kinds of work tasks in certain social, societal and cultural contexts. The network acts as a forum for sharing knowledge about ongoing projects and activities, creating new contacts and developing the research and teaching of the subject area. It collaborates with other research networks on working life and language in the workplace both nationally and internationally. Moreover, it aims at enhancing interaction between the scholars studying the use of language in workplace contexts and professionals outside the academic community. By doing so, it actively seeks to advance the societal relevance of the research related to the issues of language in the workplace.

The network holds an annual meeting at the Autumn Symposium of AFinLA.

You can join the network by sending an e-mail to the research network coordinators and by becoming a member of AFinLA.